Wednesday, 25 May 2016

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Thursday, 1 January 2015

T4TT Wishes Everyone A Happy New Year and Peace and Prosperity for 2015

Here's wishing us all a Great New Year and many more to come...

I pray we all receive True Justice, Relief and the realisations and enlightenment we all deserve this year...

Let us take all the negatives, hold, and treat them as the lessons we all needed to move to the positive that keep us here to help each other move forward into more awareness of spirit and the greater good in all of us :)

Let us all remember the lives of those taken from us and feel them inside and beside us in spirit and keep us strong for the paths we all choose to walk and honour their memories in us so that they may rest in the comfort that we will never give up on hope and faith in others to join us in making this world a better place, for the generations before us and those that succeed us...

To one and all... Blessings to you, always


Monsignor Lee Paul Gallery

Saturday, 13 December 2014

Calling All Scot's and Celts Alike... Why it could be so hard for you all to Get Justice at all...


Seems that it very well could be case that a "Private Rule" of the High Court of Session "Scotland" is the cause as to why the whole is purportedly said to be Not Fit For Purpose - quoted from a Lord of Session itself

So, I feel that it is important that this should be at the mercy of Public Scrutiny... Because a Party Litigant is being Denied Rights granted to them by Divinity...! Which is in fact against the Golden Rule Of Law, The Bill Of Rights, Human Rights, The Constitution, The 1611 KJ Bible, Lebor Clann Glas, The word of Jesus (32nd Prophet of Yeb) himself...

and should be questioned as being self evidently an abomination and should be henceforth REMOVED Ab-Initio...

Rule 4.2 (5) Specifically is a breach of all Rights whereby no man or woman shall be denied the Right to be heard or be denied the Right to Justice...

Below is an exert from the rule in question...
Signature of documents


(1) Subject to paragraph (5), each page of a summons and the condescendence and pleas-in-law annexed to it shall be signed by an agent.

(2) Subject to paragraph (5), a letter passing the signet shall be signed by an agent.

(3) Subject to paragraphs (5) and (9), a petition, note, application or minute shall be signed by counsel or other person having a right of audience, except that-

(a) a petition for the sequestration of the estates of the petitioner, or for recall of his sequestration, may be signed by the petitioner or an agent;

(b) a petition for suspension, suspension and interdict or suspension and liberation may be signed by an agent;

(c) a simplified divorce application under rule 49.73 shall be signed by the applicant;

(cc) a petition in Form 61.2 shall be signed only by the Accountant of Court;

(d) an application for registration under Chapter 62 (recognition, registration and enforcement of foreign judgments etc.) may be signed by the petitioner or an agent;

(dd) a petition by the Council of the Law Society of Scotland for a person’s admission as (either or both) -

(i) a solicitor;

(ii) a notary public,

may be signed by any officer of the Society who is authorised by the Council to do so; and

(e) a minute for variation of custody may be signed by a party litigant.

(4) Subject to paragraph (9), defences, answers and other writs (other than appeals) not referred to in paragraphs (1), (2) and (3), shall be signed by counsel or other person having a right of audience, or, in the case of a party litigant, the party litigant.

(5) Where a party litigant is unable to obtain the signature of counsel or other person having a right of audience or an agent on a document as required by paragraph (1), (2) or (3), he may request the Deputy Principal Clerk to place the document before the Lord Ordinary for leave to proceed without such signature; and the decision of the Lord Ordinary shall be final and not subject to review.
It goes on, the rest is available from the Scottish courts website itself...

Your thoughts and opinions are welcome below...