Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Breaking - Credit to a Legend of our time... Thank you John

In Memory of a Legend who passed away on 31st May 2015...

Here's a Toast,

To John Harris - May you live long hereinafter, in the hearts and minds of those of us who continue to defend our Rights and Fundamental Freedoms in the pursuit of Truth and Wisdom...

Rest in peace brother...

And our sincere condolences to the family...


Sunday, 22 March 2015

AMAZING NEWS...! Dean Clifford Is Free...!!! Whoo Hooo..!

Confirmation was personally received that Dean Clifford was released from prison a couple of days ago on or around the hours of the 20th March 2015 (Canadian and British time zones) we have delayed the release of this news in good faith and adjustment for Dean and his traumatic ordeal over the last 15 - 16 months held against his will in captivity for alleged Crimes,

 (where nobody else was wronged or harmed as a result of his action, except for him, personally)

As soon as we have permission to share updates from Dean Personally we will post here as soon as we are able

Congratulations Dean from all here at and the Law Reform Academy, best regards to you and your family and close friends

From all the Teams here


Friday, 30 January 2015

Urgent NOTICE - Regarding Law Reform Academy and Invitations


This is a Notice for new Law Reform Academy invitations only

There are 3 New Members who have joined but have not yet accepted their invitations as yet...

Please check your emails and Junk folders in case you missed it... These invitations only last 24 hours and a new invitation has to be sent

If you have joined and you cannot get access, please email our Admin Team on the same page you used to join the private Law Reform Academy on.

Thank you

T4TT Admin Team